New in Uwazi v1.3 release 👏

We’re happy to announce new features in Uwazi 🙌 
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  • Now Uwazi supports document thumbnails creating beautiful and appealing user interfaces.
  • There are two new field types for image and media support.
  • A plain text version is now available for documents, greatly improving accessibility and search engine optimization.
  • Users can now run enhanced searches with query strings.


  • This release is strongly focused in bug fixing. Dozens of malfunctions and glitches have been addressed.
  • We have greatly improved the overall security of Uwazi by running our own internal security audit and implementing several strengthening strategies. An improvement you may not feel, as security is meant to be =)
  • Now Uwazi supports bulk publishing and un-publishing of documents and entities.
  • Entities will try to automatically fill all the user screen by arranging themselves horizontally when the space is available, making a better use of the screen’s real state and improving the user experience.
  • Now the metadata side panel can be opened in pages when cards are rendered in the page.
  • Text and rich text fields are being included in the full text search. The visuals for the results snippets both in the side panel and in the cards have been improved.
  • All metadata fields support hiding their label in their configuration. This comes handy when the label is obvious; and it unloads information in the cards improving the visuals.

Check out the bugs we fixed in this version here!

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