Who we are

HURIDOCS (Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems) is an NGO that helps human rights groups gather, organise and use information to create positive change in the world. Since 1982, we have developed methodologies and tools that make it easier not only to manage collections of evidence, law and research, but also to analyse them for insights. In all that time, the technology has evolved but our passion for the cause remains unchanged. Information is a force for good—as long as human rights defenders are able to safely and efficiently make sense of it.

Brochure: HURIDOCS at a glance

What we do

We are allies who care deeply about human rights and understand the power of information, and as such we support the human rights movement in three main ways:

You can read more in the HURIDOCS organisational strategy for 2022-2026.

Who we support

We collaborate with local activist groups, national human rights institutions, large international NGOs and many organisations in between. Some of our partners specialise in specific issues such as arbitrary arrest, freedom of expression, women and girls’ rights, the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, reducing inequalities, climate action, historical memory, and transitional justice, while others focus on human rights-related mechanisms such as the United Nations Human Rights Treaty System. Beyond their shared commitment to dignity and freedom, our partners have an important thing in common: they achieve greater impact when the information they need is easy to access, navigate and understand.

Where we work

HURIDOCS operates a small office in Geneva, Switzerland, but the majority of our team is distributed across the world in several countries. We have contributed to human rights projects on every continent (except for Antarctica) and in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian.