HURIDOCS offers support to human rights groups that want to gather, organise and use information to create positive change in the world. You might be in the beginning stages of a project, or you might be years into working with an existing collection of information.

How can HURIDOCS help? We can:

  • Guide you to define the goals of an information collection
  • Recommend strategies, tools and workflows to achieve those goals
  • Advise you on how to organise the information in order to generate reliable conclusions
  • If Uwazi, a database application developed by HURIDOCS, matches the needs of the project, configure it or migrate any existing data
  • Identify and implement ways to receive, process and store information safely and ethically in the collection
  • Provide hosting services for the collection, if it’s based in our tool Uwazi
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How does HURIDOCS work?

No matter the scale or scope of partnership, we at HURIDOCS approach the task in a way that emphasises the following values: collaboration, purpose, safety, humanity and adaptability.

We are a human rights organisation too, and our ultimate vision is a world where all people’s dignity and freedom are protected. As such, if we see that our expertise or our tool Uwazi isn’t an ideal fit for your project, we’ll tell you so and do our best to refer you to allies who can help.

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What sorts of projects have HURIDOCS supported?

We’ve partnered with groups all over the world to mobilise information for human rights:

  • Preserving and archiving evidence of ongoing human rights violations
  • Managing cases for strategic human rights litigation
  • Tracking complaints made to human rights institutions and advocacy organisations
  • Compiling libraries of human rights laws, recommendations and court decisions
  • Monitoring a human rights situation for the purposes of reporting
  • Assessing progress around the implementation of human rights-related policies
  • Building collective memories that support transitional justice and reconciliation

What do our partners say?

“The assistance of HURIDOCS made it easier for us to analyse our data and improved our advocacy. We know which kind of violation is rampant in the different countries we deal with, and we can adjust our work to it.”

Alexis Nadine Bautista is Program Assistant for the Migrant Forum in Asia, which advocates for the rights and dignity of migrant workers.

“We learned a lot out of our experience with HURIDOCS: how to collect and register data, how to organise it. Information management is crucial to expose what happened and to analyse crimes. It helps reveal the truth.”

Gamze Hızlı is Project Coordinator for Hafiza Merkezi and is in charge of its database of missing persons from Turkey.

“HURIDOCS’ help is invaluable. Professionals who don’t know about Caselaw Analyser are very enthusiastic when they see the possibilities it offers.”

Brice Djeugoue is Communications Officer for the Institute for Human Rights and Democracy Development in Africa (IHRDA).

“Managing information is essential to the success of our mission and, before turning to HURIDOCS, we were having a very hard time organising our content. We asked for their help because we knew the HURIDOCS team is specialised in human rights and has a strong background as information management specialists.”

Maksym Shcherbatyuk is Program Director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU), the biggest human rights organization in Ukraine.

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