HURIDOCS is made up of documentation specialists, researchers and software developers, united by a belief in the power of accurate, accessible information and by a commitment to human rights. We operate a small office in Geneva, Switzerland, but the majority of our team is distributed across the world in several countries.

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“As software developers for HURIDOCS, we need to develop very simple and efficient online platforms. We do not think in terms of profit: we help human rights defenders the best way we can.”

After 10 years developing software in different countries, Alberto started working for HURIDOCS in 2015 on OpenEvsys and currently works on Uwazi.

“Technology and innovation can be powerful catalysts for driving social change. In HURIDOCS, I can leverage the power of tech, communications and storytelling to pursue this goal.”

Alejandra is a storyteller and a visual communicator expert. She has been working on strategic communications and content creation in social development for 6 years and joined HURIDOCS in 2023.

  • Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French, Swedish
  • Email:

“I find immense motivation in tackling real-life problems and working collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop effective and sustainable solutions. That’s why I feel particularly drawn to HURIDOCS, an organization where I can channel this motivation to make a meaningful social impact on the world.”

Alexandros has 20+ years of international experience in human-centered design and agile product development in various fields, such as in-vehicle information systems, consumer electronics, banking, medical devices, healthcare, workforce management, and e-learning. He is passionate about social impact and has volunteered with several organizations. Alexandros joined HURIDOCS in 2024.

“For me, having the chance to do something good while doing what you love is one of the best things that can happen to someone. At HURIDOCS, I have this chance.”

Ali completed university in the summer of 2020 and started as an intern at HURIDOCS that November. Now, he is working as a machine learning developer since May 2021.

  • Location: Ankara, Turkey
  • Languages spoken: Turkish, English
  • Email:

“After a career in commercial corporations, I am proud to be joining a worthy project with a true purpose and great social value that can make a real difference.”

From start-ups to large consulting firms and multinationals, Álvaro spent the last 16 years in the software development industry. He joined HURIDOCS in 2023 to contribute his wide technical expertise to the organisation’s operations.

“I have worked for a number of commercial companies and I really enjoy being now involved in a team of people who think in terms of human relations and don’t seek profit at any cost.”

After 35 years working in positions related to accounting and administration in the advertising business, Anne joined the HURIDOCS team in 2014.

“By bridging the gap between technology and documentation, we become resourceful in our mission to uphold justice and accountability. I take pride in being part of the team, striving to reaffirm human rights through open-source tools, information exchange, and meaningful partnerships”

Arina has been working to promote human rights in Eurasia since 2015 by contributing to the implementation of projects on attacks against free media, indigenous peoples’ issues and minority rights in Eastern Europe, Croatia and the US. She joined HURIDOCS in 2022.

“I believe that documentation is central in pursuing justice, and that such pursuits can be best attained through collective action and mutual support. I join HURIDOCS to be in solidarity with folks who are creatively figuring things out together in service of those who continue to defend human rights.”

Bono is an archivist and researcher working for more than a decade at the intersections of information, technology, and justice in the Philippines and across the Global South. He joined HURIDOCS in 2021.

  • Location: California, USA
  • Languages spoken: Filipino, English
  • Email:

“Information has always been the key to human rights work and that is still the case. Being organised, sharp, learning from our history and not being afraid to go into the future fighting for truth, justice and human rights with all of the tools that are available to us. That is the civil society we want to see, that is the civil society we want to support!”

Danna has more than 10 years of international work experience in human rights and non-governmental organisations. With experience in UAE, Poland, UK, Kenya and more she has specialised in supporting activists and human rights defenders, and providing strategic direction for teams working at the intersection of technology and human rights.

“Software is yet another factor contributing to welfare inequality in the world. At HURIDOCS we push to balance this: we share open-source code in favor of human rights.”

Gabriel has worked for several years in software development and operations research, and has a background in statistics and big data analytics. He joined HURIDOCS in 2019.

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Valencian
  • Email:

“I believe documentation lies at the very center of securing human rights and ensuring accountability. I am excited to be part of HURIDOCS’ effort to providing accurate and accessible information to human rights defenders.”

Bina has worked in Washington DC, Geneva, and Seoul with a focus on new technologies for human rights fact-finding and documenting. She joined HURIDOCS in 2021.

“It has been very challenging and interesting to develop open-source tools for human rights NGOs. These tools require a deep understanding of the needs of the users and the building of a community around the information and tool.”

Joan Gallego first worked as a contractor in the HURIDOCS-MRVRS project in June 2015 and joined HURIDOCS as a full-time senior developer in September 2015 to work on Uwazi.

“Designing and pushing the envelope of software that helps people is a dream come true. At HURIDOCS, I look forward to build a deep understanding on how technology can be put at the service of human-rights defenders, and through that, model, create and improve the necessary tools that can bring the highest impact on people.”

Juan has worked for more than 17 years designing software, from simple websites to complex industrial applications, in eight different countries. He is constantly exploring new ways of improving technology and making it more accessible, and has a deep passion for photography. He joined HURIDOCS in 2021.

“In research and development, the emphasis on efficiency can lead to overspecialization, where the actual application and its wider societal impact is lost from an individual’s perspective. In this sense, working at HURIDOCS is a personal attempt to take back this responsibility and ensure that the results of the effort are used in a beneficial way.”

After receiving a mixed degree in informatics and physics in 2010, Laszlo worked on a wide array of applications within industry and academia, mostly in positions where both coding and quantitative skills were needed. After his last place in finance, Laszlo joined HURIDOCS in May 2021.

“The impact and positive change that stems from collaboration across professional fields and contexts is what drives my work. I strongly believe in actively co-creating solutions with human rights defenders which will contribute to a more balanced and just world.”

Lucía holds vast experience working in the international cooperation sector, specially in the Andean region of Latin America, India and Nepal. Before joining HURIDOCS in May 2021, she led projects that built capacity for human trafficking survivors along the borders of Colombia-Ecuador and India-Nepal.

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Valenciano
  • Email:

“Leveraging the advancement of technology to boost the work of human rights defenders is a challenging but rewarding task that I look forward to fulfilling at HURIDOCS.”

Matel has worked in Chicago, Geneva and across West Africa with a focus on capacity building and knowledge management for civil society actors. She joined HURIDOCS in 2019.

  • Location: Saint-Louis, France
  • Languages spoken: Wolof, Fulah, English, French, Portuguese
  • Email:

“Information is rhizomatic. It is abundant in possibilities. In HURIDOCS, I look forward to collaborating to find solutions for information management needs. Being passionate about the interaction between information systems, knowledge and social impact, I see this as an eye-opening journey; filled with learning and insight.”

Menna has been working in the field of human rights since 2011 and has focused on freedom of information in transitional justice processes. She holds an LLM in human rights conflict and justice, and has a background in anthropology. She is passionate about understandings of knowledge and processes of transmission. She joined HURIDOCS in 2020.

“I’m delighted to be developing software that could help to achieve justice around the world. Being part of a team that contributes to the defense of people’s rights is such a privilege.”

After working for almost 15 years in the financial sector, Mercy left her last director position in order to come back to development—this time, open-source software for humanistic purposes. She joined HURIDOCS in May 2020.

“Genuine change is to be expected, when technology and human rights meet. It is an honour to contribute to the pursuit of justice among like-minded human rights defenders, while facilitating partners with practical solutions and care.”

Oleksandra’s background is in law and human rights with the focus on project management in international organisations. Before joining HURIDOCS in October 2022, she managed projects related to international criminal law, digital rights and online safety in Ukraine.

  • Location: Potsdam, Germany
  • Languages spoken: Ukrainian, English, Russian, French, German
  • Email:

“I left the private sector because I wanted to do something meaningful, which is the case now. Improving the daily life of human rights NGOs and having a leading role in a small organisation with an efficient structure and a pragmatic approach is very rewarding.”

Being key account and strategic alliance manager at Procter & Gamble for 12 years, Peter started working for various NGOs and joined HURIDOCS in 2012.

“At HURIDOCS, I have a chance to be initiated into technology and bring it home to issues of human rights together with amazing partners.”

Phurbu previously worked under different research capacities in Delhi, Geneva and Dharamshala. She also taught undergraduate students as a teaching fellow at her alma mater in Haryana. She joined HURIDOCS in 2021.

  • Location: Between Geneva and Delhi
  • Languages spoken: Tibetan, Hindi, Nepali, English
  • Email:

“As a developer, I have relied heavily on open source projects during my career. At HURIDOCS, being part of open source projects that can contribute to other NGOs as well as other programmers and give back to the community is an exciting experience.”

After three years developing the Idukay education plaftorm, Rafa participated as a contractor in the HURIDOCS-MRVRS project in June 2015 and joined HURIDOCS as a full-time senior developer in August 2016 to work on Uwazi.

  • Location: Quito, Ecuador
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English
  • Email:

“I believe that documentation is powerful for achieving change and social justice. Technology has given us the opportunity to contribute to those ‘other possible worlds’ for which we have fought so hard, and what better way to do so than by building historical memory for the defense of human rights.”

For the last decade Rodrigo has worked on strategic communication, information security and media, providing guidance, training and strengthening digital skills to civil society organisations, journalists and human rights activists. He first worked for HURIDOCS as a contractor in 2021 and joined the team full-time in 2022.

  • Location: San José, Costa Rica
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French
  • Email:

“Right now, technology is essential for the labor of human rights defenders, not only in their accompaniment of victims and advocacy, but also in the construction of memory. I feel very happy to have the opportunity to offer my little contribution to this never-ending collective work.”

Salva has been involved in the defense of human rights since 2002, working in civil society organisations and in the Ombudsman office of the National Preventive Mechanism Against Torture. He has participated in IT projects for international development cooperation and human rights research. He joined HURIDOCS in April 2021.

  • Location: Chiapas, Mexico
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, Catalan, English
  • Email:

“It’s exciting to work on developing tools for human rights advocates, and contribute to the ecosystem of free and open software. I feel privileged to be part of a team that works to create positive change in the world.”

Santiago has worked in human rights organizations as a tech consultant, system administrator and web developer. He joined HURIDOCS in February 2021.

“I am delighted to be part of HURIDOCS and work with an excellent global team that is dedicated to leveraging leading edge technology and human centered approaches to design solutions for human rights defenders across the world. I am excited about creating collaborative online workspaces with the team and co-creating an organisational culture that reflects our mission and values!”

After working for 10 years in the corporate world, Shilpa transitioned to the non-profit and international development sector. She was a UN Volunteer with UNDP Sierra Leone, and has worked for a global network of non-profits for a decade before joining HURIDOCS in April 2023. Shilpa is an ICF certified Coach (ACC) and is passionate about working with a DEI lens in all organisational practices.

  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada (basic), Telugu (basic)
  • Email:

“NGOs need to make sure that their sensitive information are safe. Data security is therefore an essential aspect of my work for HURIDOCS: we train our partners and keep good standards in order to realise their mission.”

A software developer since 1996, Tomàs also has a background in sociology – the perfect match between technology challenges and social projects.

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English

“I feel motivated to be part of the HURIDOCS team and to contribute, through information technologies, to the collections of information needed by human rights defenders.”

Victor has been involved in free software promotion, use and development in both the private and public sectors for nearly 20 years. He joined HURIDOCS in 2022.

“I am passionate about the intersection between technology and social justice. At HURIDOCS, I have the opportunity to help and learn from human rights organizations that are actually in the field fighting for victims.”

Ximena has worked in nonprofit civic tech for several years and is the co-founder of, a platform that helps activists and collectives build digital advocacy campaigns. She joined HURIDOCS in 2020.

“I am passionate about using information technology to advocate for an equal and just world. HURIDOCS is ideally positioned to provide the tools and guidance needed to expose human rights abuses and work towards righting wrongs.”

Yolanda was the Communications and Advocacy Manager at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, before joining HURIDOCS in 2021. She holds an Honours degree in Visual Studies and a Master’s degree in Multidisciplinary Human Rights.

  • Location: Pretoria, South Africa
  • Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans, French (basic)
  • Email: