HURIDOCS is able to help human rights defenders mobilise information, thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters. We receive funding from a mix of sources:

  • Grants from philanthropic foundations, diplomatic and development agencies, and private companies
  • Payments from human rights partner organisations for services that we provide
  • Individual donations

Institutional Funders

HURIDOCS is the beneficiary of two main types of institutional grants: ones that support our general operations, and ones that support specific projects. Our current funders are:

  • Open Society Foundations

    Open Society Foundations has been supporting HURIDOCS since 2009 and currently provides general support for our organisational development.

  • Oak Fundation

    Oak Foundation has been supporting HURIDOCS since 2011 and currently provides general support for our organisational development.

  • Google

    Google currently provides general support for our research on machine learning and natural language processing for HURIDOCS’ Uwazi software.

  • The Alfred Landecker Foundation supports our work of documenting violations in Ukraine to strengthen accountability and future justice initiatives.

  • The Permanent Mission of Denmark to the UN in Geneva is currently funding our work to co-create the future of digital investigations with human rights defenders.

  • Government of Lichtentein

    The Principality of Liechtenstein’s Office for Foreign Affairs provides general operating support.

  • Capital Group

    Capital Group currently provides general support for our organisational development.

Past donors

We would like to express our gratitude to all funders past and present for recognising the importance of not only preserving human rights information, but making it accessible and actionable.

Check out a full list of our past institutional funders here.


Part of HURIDOCS’ strategy is to partner with human rights groups and create solutions for their specific documentation and information management needs. We often receive payment to cover these services, which then fund our operations and activities.

To all of our partners who have given us the gift of trust and support, thank you!

Individual donors

People from all walks of life have given to HURIDOCS, and we are deeply appreciative of their support. These individual donations fund our continued operations and activities.

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