Resources for Human Rights Research Researching Human Rights Law for Advocacy

Recommendations, commitments and precedents made at the international level can be powerful tools for local changemakers who seek to hold their government to account or advance protections for people’s dignity and freedom. 

But finding the actual documents that contain these international human rights standards can be a challenge. Currently, there isn’t any centralised database that compiles them all in one place.

“Researching Human Rights Law for Advocacy” is a 30-minute online course that offers a framework for such research. Organised by HURIDOCS and Advocacy Assembly, the course explores three specific databases: 

  • UPR Info’s database of Universal Periodic Review recommendations and voluntary pledges 
  • RightDocs, a HURIDOCS database which includes United Nations Human Rights Council resolutions and reports
  • CEJIL’s SUMMA database of Inter-American human rights case law

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