Detention Landscapes

An evidence-based platform that documents human rights violations inside immigration detention facilities.

Detention Landscapes is an ongoing collaborative project between Border Criminologies from the Faculty of Law at Oxford University, Mobile Info Team and the Border Violence Monitoring Network. This seeks to develop and maintain an interactive, open access database of human rights violations inside immigration detention facilities, with an initial focus on Greece. 

Detention has become a worrying fixture of asylum and removal procedures across Europe, subjecting individuals to reprehensible conditions and systematised violence that takes place within closed structures that are increasingly restricted from the public. This results in a vacuum whereby detainees find it virtually impossible to claim their rights. By pooling knowledge and making it freely available, this project documents the conditions and behaviour of law enforcement personnel inside detention centres, serving as an evidence base to support further research, legal action and advocate for justice and accountability. The database also hopes to facilitate trans-regional learning and maximise opportunities for advocates and lawyers in other parts of the world to access information that could strengthen their work.