The Human Rights Database on Plan International’s Girls’ Rights Platform curates thousands of legally binding policies and international soft law from United Nations and regional bodies, covering a wide variety of human rights issues. It was developed by Plan International with support from HURIDOCS. 

Find the information you need by doing a keyword search or by applying different filters such as document type or body. You can also search for, save and edit individual paragraphs, a feature aimed at policy makers who want to use existing language as a starting point for negotiating new recommendations and convention.

The database is available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

Leveraging machine learning for more efficient human rights work

Caring for a collection like the Human Rights Database can be labor-intensive, but with the help of smart bits of software, we can automate tasks that once had to be performed manually by a staff member. This results in a more up-to-date and well-organized database.

In 2019 and 2020, HURIDOCS partnered with Plan International to refresh their Human Rights Database with new features, including machine learning algorithms that make highly accurate suggestions for how to categorize information. Read more about our collaboration here: How machine learning is helping Plan International put girls’ rights at the forefront of the international agenda