Map of Attacks against Environmental Defenders (Bolivia)

Mapping violations against human rights, territorial and environmental defenders in Bolivia

The Map of Attacks against Environmental Defenders is an online database that documents cases of violence directed at those who defend human rights, protected territories and the environment. 

The database was developed by the Bolivian Centre for Documentation and Information (CEDIB), in collaboration with the National Coordination for the Defence of Indigenous Peasant Territories and Protected Areas (CONTIOCAP). HURIDOCS provided strategic and technical support. 

The database compiles recent cases where acts of aggression took place against those who defend human rights, Indigenous and protected territories and the environment in Bolivia. The violations are geolocated and categorised into eight broad incident types: 

  • Denial of access to information
  • Extortion and coercion
  • Smear campaigns and defamation
  • Restrictions on freedom of expression
  • Harassment
  • Denial of civil and political rights
  • Denial of access to justice 
  • Violence

Records in the collection can be viewed on a map, as cards, or in a table, and can be filtered in a number of ways relating to incident types, victims, perpetrators, organisations and territories.