OpenEvsys, shorthand for Open Events System, was an open-source database application developed by HURIDOCS. Built on the Events Standard Formats for recording human rights violations and the “who did what to whom” data model, OpenEvsys allowed for:

  • recording, browsing and retrieving information on victims, perpetrators and instances of violations
  • analysing data, browsing reports and discerning trends and patterns of abuse
  • creating charts and maps to visualise data
  • managing and tracking interventions, such as medical and legal aid
  • securely storing related documents like testimonies, affidavits and audiovisual files

In 2020, HURIDOCS made the difficult decision to sunset Casebox in favour of expanding our database application Uwazi to meet this need. Read the announcement here.


We first debuted OpenEvsys in 2009. While it may have been our first web application, it figures in a long history at HURIDOCS of supporting human rights organisations with tools and strategies to better document abuses. At the time, OpenEvsys replaced WinEvsys, which was built on the Microsoft Access database management system. And before that was Evsys, a DOS application built in 1989 that followed the Events methodology.

We are grateful to everyone who supported OpenEvsys over the years with their development skills, financial support and feedback!