HURIDOCS’s executive director reflects on lessons learned in a “Data Is a Team Sport” conversation

The conversation ranged from how tools can inspire human rights advocacy to the importance of turning raw data into compelling fact-based stories.

By Kristin Antin HURIDOCS on

On 21 July, HURIDOCS Executive Director Friedhelm Weinberg appeared on School of Data’s “Data is a Team Sport” conversation series with FabRiders founder Dirk Slater, discussing lessons learned over HURIDOCS’ 35-year history of developing data collection tools and methodologies for human rights defenders.

Friedhelm spoke with Dirk on topics ranging from the growing technological skills of today’s activists, to how tools can both anchor and inspire human rights advocacy and litigation efforts, to the need for better media management standards, and the importance of developing strategies for moving raw data to compelling fact-based stories that can cut through media noise and “fake news.”

A recording of the conversation is available below (via YouTube) or in the iTunes Store and Stitcher.

About the series: this open research project captures learnings about the ever-changing field of data literacy and how it is evolving in response to concepts like ‘big data,’ ‘post-fact’ and ‘data confusion.’ 

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