Friedhelm Weinberg receives OSF New Executives Fund grant to focus on monitoring, evaluation and learning

We are proud to announce that our executive director Friedhelm Weinberg was named among the recipients of a New Executives Fund grant on 25 January 2018. The award granted by Open Society Foundations is intended to give newly appointed executives the flexibility to invest in the organisation’s development or their own leadership.

Today, as the human rights situation becomes more and more challenging in all corners of the world, HURIDOCS strives to respond to the emerging needs of human rights defenders and NGOs in an effective and robust manner. In order to do this, our team needs not only to understand where our work could be improved, but to also do it with a good knowledge of specific challenges that our partners face and the impact they are striving to achieve. With this in mind, the grant will help the team to conduct more monitoring, evaluation and learning in 2018.

Friedhelm said it was a great honour to receive the award:

“As a team, it will allow us to focus on learning and reflection, to ensure we look back and think forward, as the global climate for human rights is deteriorating and technologies are evolving rapidly. For me personally, it provides opportunities to grow as a young director that I am thrilled about and very thankful for.”

We are grateful to OSF for recognising Friedhelm’s leadership and the importance of our work as an organisation, and will continue to support human rights defenders and organisations to use technology and information in ways that are innovative and impactful.


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