New in Uwazi v1.1: Better relationships, private collections & default

We've also added better search, better use of screen real estate and plenty of bug fixes.

By Indira Cornelio HURIDOCS on

We’re happy to announce new features in Uwazi. Click on the links to get more details!


  • Better search: now all fields are used for full text searching.
  • Improved Vimeo embeddings: users can add time links to particular parts of a video in Vimeo embeddings.
  • Better use of screen real estate: Uwazi will expand to full width while in library, showing more cards per row. This way users with big screens can display more information at once.
  • Card rendering has been improved: fields containing long information such as rich text properties will be limited in its height so the cards are not too big.
  • The “Open document” button has improved so users have a better understanding of how to access the document instead of the metadata side panel.

Check out the bugs we fixed in this version here!

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