New features in Uwazi v1.5 👏

What's included? Support for right-to-left languages, data synchronization between two or more Uwazi instances, and improved security.

By Indira Cornelio on

We’re happy to announce new features in Uwazi! Click on the links to get more details.

  • Support for right-to-left languages, administrators can manage languages via Uwazi UI.
  • Data synchronization between two or more Uwazi instances.
  • Even more security: Uwazi has been audited by a third party and patched, along with several security improvements such as end-point validation, optional MongoDB password, better password encryption and account locking after multiple failed login attempts. We will be sharing the final security audit report on once it is available.


  • “Link” field type. Meant for external links mainly, it will display a label instead of the URL as a text string. The label will be clickable and will open in a new browser window.
  • Contact form for pages as a component.
  • Private documents show a badge indicating they can only be accessed by users with privileges.
  • Changing an entity template will now keep the values of the fields that have a matching field name and type in the other template.
  • Simplified “documents” and “entities” into one template. Now, the only difference between a document and an entity in Uwazi is whether they have a main document.
  • Added an extra pagination link for more results.
  • Improved performance of text references.

Several bug fixes!

Make sure your Uwazi dependencies are up to date and follow the upgrade instructions to get the latest code up and running.

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