Apply to become Uwazi’s Open Source Community Manager and join GitHub’s Tech for Social Good programme

The DPG OS Community Manager Programme is designed to grow DPGs' communities and their long-term sustainability and positive impact on critical challenges.


We are looking for an Open Source (OS) Community Manager to join a new GitHub initiative called Activating Developers aimed at supporting digital public goods (DPGs). Uwazi is among seven DPGs (or soon to be) selected by GitHub’s recently launched Tech for Social Good Open Source Community Manager Programme. The six other DPGs are Uli, Open Terms Archive, Chayn, OpenFisca, and Social Income.

Digital public goods are open source software, open data, open AI models, open standards and open content that adhere to privacy and other applicable laws, use best practices, do no harm, and help to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Digital public goods are freely and openly available and can be distributed, adapted and reused with minimal restrictions. 

According to GitHub’s Social Impact, Tech for Social Good team the initiative has the long-term goal to empower 50,000 more GitHub users to contribute to social good projects on the platform. In the coming year, the online software development platform will be launching new programmes and projects to create more social good opportunities.

This programme aims to strengthen in-demand skills in the tech industry, contribute to innovative solutions addressing the world’s most pressing issues and deepen connections in open source communities.

What are OS community managers?

The overall goal of an OS community manager will be to reduce barriers for external GitHub contributions to the DPG. The OS community manager may grow and support the DPG’s online communities; manage GitHub issues, discussions, and project boards; support project management; and help onboard new contributors. Check out the programme page to read about specific applicant criteria for each DPG.

Why OS community managers?

Creating, growing, and maintaining external contributor communities is critical to the long-term sustainability of DPGs. However, DPG maintainers face considerable challenges because it is too time consuming to find, vet, and onboard potential contributors.

The DPG Open Source Community Manager Programme is designed to bring the capacity needed to grow the DPGs’ communities of contributors, and their long-term sustainability and positive impact on critical challenges.

Who can apply?

All candidates will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Exposure to or an interest in open source software, preferably related to the SDGs
  • Knowledge of working with Git / GitHub or willingness to learn
  • Excellent communicator in written and spoken English
  • Excellent facilitation skills and the ability to encourage participation
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Experience working the social sector, such as for the United Nations, an INGO or another non-profit organisation that is aligned with the SDGs
  • Collaborative spirit, enjoys working with diverse and global teams
  • Able to work part-time for 6 months

In addition to the criteria above, applicants who wish to work on Uwazi should have experience with documentation and/or digital asset management while subject matter expertise in human rights is preferred.

Interested to apply?

Read more about the OS Community Programme and to learn how the programme is structured, the benefits of applying, the timeline, and eligibility requirements. Applications will be open until 10 April 2023 (close of business day, U.S. ET). A modest stipend can be offered. Note all applicants must agree to the application terms and conditions.

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