Help human rights defenders preserve the truth and pursue justice

Human rights defenders draw their greatest strength from information—stories, reports, investigations, lists—that they transform into insights and results. But too often, they work in difficult conditions with limited resources, and the information that they obtain remains scattered, trapped, or insecure.

HURIDOCS prepares human rights defenders to use information and technology to advance their cause and achieve maximum impact.

Since 1982, we have provided advice and resources to hundreds of organisations. More than 75 organisations use our customised solutions, empowering them work better, safer, and smarter. In this year alone, we’ve built solutions to support transgender rights in Europe, advocate for political prisoners in Tibet, and seek justice for the families of disappeared persons in Turkey.

Join us in helping organisations maximise the power of human rights information to achieve justice and accountability.

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HURIDOCS is a registered non-profit association in Switzerland. Your gift to HURIDOCS may be tax deductible – please contact to receive a gift certificate.

Top photo credit: Ginnette Riquelme / CIDH. CC BY 2.0


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