The Death Penalty Database offers information about the use of capital punishment in Pakistan. It was developed by Justice Project Pakistan with support from HURIDOCS. 

The database contains records for individuals who have been executed or sentenced to be executed since December 2014, when the country lifted a seven-year moratorium on the death penalty. These can be filtered in several ways, including: 

  • gender 
  • if the person had a history of mental illness
  • if the person was a juvenile at the time of the alleged crime
  • charges against the person
  • prison where they were held
  • date of execution

It also compiles legislation, publications and news items that are relevant to the death penalty in Pakistan. The Death Penalty Database is available in English and Urdu.

Shining a light on the injustice of the death penalty

Pakistan has one of the largest reported death rows in the world, and many of those sentenced to die represent vulnerable populations, such as juveniles, individuals with disabilities or mental illness, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Making this information accessible is an important first step toward reforming the status quo, because journalists, researchers and activists can then generate their own finds or ground their work in verified data. HURIDOCS partnered with Justice Project Pakistan in 2018-2019 to accomplish this task. Read more about our collaboration here: “Who are we hanging? Justice Project Pakistan launches database on the death penalty