Memoria y Ciudadanía (“Memory and Citizenship”) is a database of official reports, testimonies, court and financial records, transcripts, videos and more related to corruption in Peru. It was developed by Japiqay with support from The Engine Room and HURIDOCS.

Entries in the collection can be filtered in a number of ways, including: 

  • type of document
  • period of government
  • key figures, companies or institutions involved

By clicking on an entry, you will see its relationship to other entries in the database. For example, viewing the entry for a person will show which cases they are involved in or which people they are connected to.

Memoria y Ciudadanía is available in Spanish.

Explaining the history of a systemic and pervasive problem

In countries where corruption is an issue, journalists and civil society organisations play a critical role in bringing the truth to light. By doing so, they generate pressure on those in power to take action, as the misdeeds and malfeasance can no longer be ignored.

That’s the goal of the Memoria y Ciudadanía project: to support these efforts towards accountability. HURIDOCS partnered with The Engine Room and Japiqay to turn that goal into reality. Read more about our collaboration here: “Memoria y Ciudadanía: using Uwazi to tell the story of corruption in Peru