The Nigeria Court Digitisation Project is an initiative that digitises key court proceedings. It was developed by the CLEEN Foundation with support from HURIDOCS.

The database provides access to financial crime cases, corruption cases, and matters related to accountability and transparency. Entries can be filtered in various ways, including:  

  • type of court
  • status of case
  • the Nigerian state where the case is located
  • the date the document was released

Increasing transparency to combat corruption

Successful court cases aren’t built in a vacuum. They’re grounded in existing jurisprudence, citing past decisions that lend credence to the argument in question. One way to increase access to jurisprudence is to digitise the paperwork that records these court judgments. 

The CLEEN Foundation does just that for corruption-related cases, working with a network of trained data collectors to collect and digitise court documents. Starting in 2015, HURIDOCS collaborated with the CLEEN Foundation to create a platform for their project. Read more about our collaboration: “Nigeria Court Digitisation Project is using Uwazi