Managing information is essential to our mission

“Our NGO’s activities are extremely diverse. We report and monitor human right violations, bring legal help to victims, advocate and educate at all levels, and organize a wide range of public activities. Managing information is essential to the success of our mission and, before turning to HURIDOCS, we were having a very hard time organizing our content. We asked for their help because we knew the HURIDOCS team is specialized in human rights and has a strong background as information management specialists.
HURIDOCS’ database helps us mainly in two types of activities. The first is our public advice centers: we collect documentation about victims, which is entered into an analysis that allows us to monitor violations in real time. This also allows for the entering of contact details, so we know exactly which help has been received, when, and how. The second is strategic litigations, which use another type of HURIDOCS database, in which lawyers can manage lots of information about strategic cases that is very useful to them.”

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

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