Who we are

Based in Geneva, HURIDOCS is an NGO that since 1982 has supported human rights defenders to use information technologies and documentation methods in order to organize and present data about violations. We are passionate about providing NGOs with the simplest and most efficient tools and techniques to advocate for their cause. 

Our team working in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe understands the specific challenges of each of these contexts. 

HURIDOCS is committed to:

Strengthening key human rights organisations, so that

  • Organisations process victim complaints effectively and devise intelligent strategies to address those that fall within their mandate;
  • Organisations gather, analyse and preserve the information needed to advocate against root causes of abuse and hold abusers to account;
  • Organisations provide reliable information that reinforces public trust in human rights institutions.

Increasing interconnectivity in the human rights sector, so that

  • Advocates have increased access to advice from peers and experts. As a result, the field is better equipped to adapt strategies, question practices and embrace new opportunities;
  • The sector builds collective datasets that shine light on systemic and/or previously invisible issues.

Designing reusable open source software tools that address common field-specific challenges, so that

  • The tools alleviate binding constraints on human rights organisations’ ability to handle and organise information.
  • They free staff and volunteers from having to perform mundane and time-consuming information management tasks;
  • They support cooperation and powerful analysis;
  • They address specific localisation and security needs of human rights defenders that commercial tools ignore.

Read more about how we plan to achieve this impact in our 2018-2020 strategy.


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