True Heroes – International Conference on Human Rights and the new Media

The True Heroes ‘International Conference on Human Rights and the new Media’ was meticulously planned for six months, to be held on 19-20 April in The Hague. Then the ash cloud came and flights to the Netherlands became almost impossible. As a result 25 human rights defenders could not reach their conference and risked to be robbed of the chance to learn more about how to use images and new media to better protect human rights in their own countries.

However, the organisers decided to turn the difficulties into an opportunity: to show the world that with NEW MEDIA we can still connect and communicate, exactly what the conference aimed to achieve. So the programme is being adjusted in a ‘2.0’ way, and could be followed on a live-stream at There you can also see the programme. Continues until this evening.


Hans Thoolen
home: 73006 Afrata-Kissamou
Crete, Greece


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