The Day We Fight Back

We join the Day We Fight Back to protest mass surveillance and to demand the protection of our human rights.


Privacy is a human right: People need it, governments have to protect it and business has to respect it. Too often, this is not the case.

Today is the day we fight back.

Thousands of individuals, international experts and a coalition of NGOs from all around the globe demand an end to unchecked mass surveillance. Privacy is dear to everyone of them: It enables them to speak freely. To meet others without being watched. To know that it is their decision to share information about themselves.

They are people like you.

These people will take the streets in protest in the Philippines, Copenhagen, Stockholm and San Francisco. They will call or write their elected representatives in the United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia and Poland. They will hold news conferences or join the online protest in Uganda, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. And they will endorse the Necessary and Proportionate Principles demanding the protection of human rights and an end to mass surveillance.

Do you want to join them?

  • Spread the word! Tell your family and friends about the day we fight back. Make them care as you do.
  • Sign the 13 Principles, join a global movement.
  • Call your legislators, email them – ask them what they are doing.
  • Join a protest near you.
  • Be creative, blackout your website, create memes, make others laugh – and take action.

Thank you,


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