New in Uwazi v1.2

Some of what we've added include expanded media support and the ability to customise your interface by adding your own CSS.

By Indira Cornelio HURIDOCS on

We’re happy to announce new features in Uwazi. Click on the links to get more details!

  • New Components feature enables users to add graphs and other data visualisation elements  (search bars, embedded maps, card lists) to pages and rich text fields.
  • Customise your interface by adding your own CSS and media assets to adapt Uwazi to your brand.
  • Expand your media support. Now Uwazi supports several embedded and native media types including YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Streamable, Vidme, Vimeo, Wistia, Twitch, DailyMotion, mp3, mp4, wave, and others.
  • Live user interface translation allows admins to translate UI labels as they navigate Uwazi.
  • A new field type supported by map view is available for data geolocation. Now users can see all geolocated entities and interact with the information via library filters.


  • With new nested thesauri, users can organise items into sub-categories. It also allows selecting all items in a group at once.
  • Navigation menu supports external URLs.
  • Improved security features: admins can now change usernames, e-mails and passwords for other users, making management easier, particularly for locally installed Uwazis. 
  • We added a new tool to relationships interface that lets users easily regroup relationships into hubs.
  • Relationship’s metadata is now displayed in the relationship view, including text references.
  • Now filters will display a “No value” option so that users can quickly spot entities not belonging to any category.

Check out the bugs we fixed in this version here!

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