We are looking for a technical writer to enhance Uwazi’s documentation

We are seeking a technical writer to to join our community to improve our Uwazi documentation.


Are you a technical writer who wants to contribute to purpose-driven software projects? Are you an open source software enthusiast who is keen to participate in social impact initiatives? Do you have the skills to make technical information more accessible to the human rights community? Are you interested in supporting the work of grassroots organisations who defend human rights at the frontlines?

Then join our community on GitHub and apply to become HURIDOCS’ Technical Writer!

You will be working on Uwazi, an open source database application that is developed and maintained by an in-house team of software engineers at HURIDOCS. Launched in 2017, Uwazi was built to capture and organise various types of information collections such as documents, media and evidence to advocate for positive change in the world.

Today, nearly 200 human rights organisations across the globe use Uwazi to preserve evidence, document human rights violations, manage complaints or cases, compile libraries, collect public-interest documents, catalogue advocacy materials and build archives for collective memorialisation and restorative justice.

Our team is continuously improving the functionality of Uwazi, making sure that it is stable and reliable. To help us better support the human rights community and its allies, we are looking for a technical writer to join our community to improve the Uwazi administrator guide and help advance our API documentation.

Scope of the project

At the moment we are seeking to enhance our documentation by focusing on two aspects:

Uwazi Client-side documentation
Although a lot of effort has gone into writing and translating our administrator’s guide for end-users through unifying terms and isolating paths of common procedures, our tool’s documentation still requires a thorough structural review from experts in app documentation.

Uwazi API documentation
As Uwazi has become more impactful and new partners have shown interest in creating additional clients for our API, we require proper API documentation, both for external use, and for faster development within our own processes.

About your role

We are looking for a strong technical writer that can work at a 60-70% time commitment. The Technical Writer will be joining our team for six months to collaborate on the Client-side documentation (approximately 3 months) and the API documentation (final timeline to be determined).

How to apply

For detailed information on the Technical Writer position, read the full project proposal on Github.

If you wish to apply for this position, please send your CV and a cover letter to jobs@huridocs.org by 14 April 2023. Subject: Technical Writer. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to HURIDOCS’ Tech Lead, Rafa Pólit, at rafa@huridocs.org.

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