Breaking language barriers

The Uwazi Administrator's Guide is now available in seven languages.


We are thrilled to announce that the Uwazi Administrator’s Guide is now available in seven languages: BurmeseArabic, Ukrainian, Russian, French, Spanish and English. The administrator’s guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough, enabling users to effortlessly build and configure collections within Uwazi for effective data management. 

From structuring templates and inputting data to customising the design, this guide covers all essential aspects, ensuring organisations can make the most of Uwazi’s capabilities. Covering topics such as managing collection settings, building information architecture, working with entities, designing and translating collections, visualising and analysing data, and troubleshooting, the guide serves as a comprehensive resource for users at every level.

Human rights organisations around the world have already experienced the transformative impact of Uwazi. More than 150 organisations worldwide currently utilise Uwazi as a database tool, hosting more than 300 public and private databases. With the administrator’s guide, these organisations can further enhance their data management and information organisation practices, leading to more effective advocacy and impactful human rights work

Looking ahead, our commitment to accessibility remains steadfast. We are dedicated to localising the most used Uwazi features to 10 languages by 2026, ensuring that more organisations can harness the power of human rights documentation with Uwazi and drive positive change in their communities

You can access any of the administrator’s guides online: 

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