HURIDOCS at Google’s event: Enabling AI innovation in Europe

Our interim Executive Director discussed AI's impact on growth with Google’s CEO and other innovators.


On 24 May, Nancy Yu took part in a unique event in Brussels held by Google Europe, alongside Google & Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, and members of the European Parliament. The fireside chat and panel discussion aimed to display Artificial Intelligence’s transformative impact on growth and innovation in Europe

By showcasing HURIDOCS’ work on machine learning to curate large collections of human rights information, our interim Executive Director highlighted how the field can benefit from technology developments that aid in the classification of key information for human rights defenders worldwide.

“AI empowers us to extract key insights from vast volumes of text with unprecedented speed, while also enhancing efficiency in processing video and audio,” said Nany Yu, “HURIDOCS embraces AI’s potential to advance human rights documentation worldwide, but we feel passionate about keeping human as curators.”

Other guests included Naja Von Schmude, from Peregrine, Manuel Marina Breysse, from Idoven, and Alina Polyakova as moderator. All these innovators and entrepreneurs agreed and leveraged the potential of AI to shape a better future, with the proper regulations and governance

HURIDOCS would like to thank for this unique opportunity!