Uwazi shines on Github’s Open Source Friday

Uwazi was showcased on GitHub’s Open Source Friday by HURIDOCS' Tech Lead Rafael Pólit.


Uwazi was recently featured on Github’s Open Source Friday, where HURIDOCS’ Tech Lead Rafael Pólit presented Uwazi, our flagship open-source tool strengthening human rights documentation practices worldwide. 

GitHub is a developer platform that allows developers to create, store, manage and share their code. As a way to promote collaboration and open-source tools, GitHub organises Open Source Friday every week. This online live event aims to encourage people, companies, organisations and maintainers to contribute a few hours to open-source software every Friday. This is an opportunity for maintainers to share what they are working on, and share demos, stories, and inspiration with other GitHub users.

HURIDOCS was invited to present Uwazi on 14 June 2024. Our tech lead Rafael Pólit started by presenting on the history of HURIDOCS and how Uwazi was launched nine years ago, as a way to further embrace technology for human rights documentation. Then Rafael showcased several public databases built in collaboration with human rights defenders around the world. Finally, Rafael ran a demo, illustrating Uwazi’s versatility, through customisation, template creation and relationship development between assets.

During the live streams on Twitch, Linkedin and YouTube, participants gained insights into Uwazi’s efforts in documenting human rights violations and the impactful work being accomplished. As an open-source tool dedicated to driving positive change, Uwazi gained interest from viewers who were eager to contribute to its development on GitHub. They provided recommendations and encouraged the audience to give GitHub stars to Uwazi’s repository, increasing its visibility and attracting more contributors.

Watch the full interview and demo below.

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