The Cartography of Attacks Against Women Journalists in Mexico is an online database that documents cases of violence directed at women who work in the media. It was developed by the Civil Association for Women’s Information and Communication (CIMAC) with support from HURIDOCS.

Records in the collection can be viewed on a map, as cards, or in a table, and can be filtered in a number of ways, including:

  • the Mexican state that the violence took place in
  • the topic that the journalist covered
  • the type of violence inflicted
  • the profile of the perpetrator

The Cartography is available in Spanish.

Bringing violence out of the shadows

Women journalists can face discrimination, harrassment and violence because of their gender and because of their job holding powerful groups accountable. However, there is a lack of documentation specifically on violence against women journalists, which can frustrate efforts to address — or even recognize — the problem.  

The Mexico-based CIMAC is one of the few organisations that has made a concerted effort to monitor attacks specifically against women journalists. HURIDOCS helped CIMAC turn their documentation into a resource that can help women journalists better protect themselves as well as create public pressure for change. Read more about the collaboration: “CIMAC is shining a light on the violence that women journalists face in Mexico