Solving challenges for human rights defenders in 2016

More than ever in 2015, we built human-centered information management strategies and systems with our partners.

By Friedhelm Weinberg on

To maximize the impact of human rights organizations across the world this year, we’ll equip defenders with new systems for liberating information and adapt our support to meet the ever-changing challenges of our current partners.

Effective information management is human-centered and requires an in-depth understanding of people, purpose, and goals.

More than ever in 2015, we built human-centered information management strategies and systems with our partners. Our human-centered approach will add to the support we have given to partners in previous years, the results of which are still making an impact. in Georgia has tracked freedom of information requests and government accountability since 2014, and OpenEvsys has enabled Forum Asia to record violations against human rights defenders for five years.

In 2015, we also grew and diversified our international team. We’re designers, project managers, software developers, and communicators. We speak more languages than I can count on both hands. We have fun together as well. But most importantly, we are absolutely committed to our partners defending human rights across the globe.

For human rights organizations to operate efficiently and productively, realize the potential of their often hard-earned information, and achieve their maximum impact, defenders and their hard-earned information must be protected from data loss and inaccuracies, bottlenecked workflows, and even attack. Just one case at our partner organizations can span several years, and to maximize their impact, so must what we build.

Our solutions are not one-offs; they’re built with defenders’ long term goals in mind and can be customized to fit each organization’s unique needs. Our relationships don’t end when a system integration is complete either.

In addition to better supporting their work, that long term commitment also continuously builds upon our knowledge of defenders’ unique challenges. Personally, that’s helped me create processes information security protocols to protect both defenders and their information in the often stressful and quickly changing conditions they face.

On a personal note, I am excited to be HURIDOCS’ Acting Executive Director for the first quarter while Daniel is taking a sabbatical. Thank you for your hard work, Daniel, as well as your trust. We’re working hard to make 2016 a great year in solving information challenges for human rights defenders. 

Have an idea of how we can work together? Please get in touch.

Defenders inspire and energize us. HURIDOCS stands for Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems. Human and rights come first, the rest is what we do.


Friedhelm Weinberg
Acting Executive Director & Programme Manager

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