Need to Improve Organizational Security? Build Relationships

When a group of organizational security practitioners gathered in Prague this February, we were cautiously optimistic about what we could achieve.

Organizational security is about empowering human rights organisations to protect themselves, the people they serve and their information – so that organisations can realize their missions. We added organizational security assessments and support to our partner services in 2014, so we were excited to gather with others to map what works best, how to overcome challenges, and build a reliable framework for accompanying at-risk organizations.

We were very encouraged and buoyed by the depth and breadth of the collective knowledge to be tapped, and resolved to use the Prague gathering as a launching pad towards a larger knowledge space and a community of practice. That is why we invite everyone attending the Internet Freedom Festival to join us and discuss what we started in Prague, hear our outline of how to grow as an independent, open, and collaborative community; and if you are interested, to join efforts. You’ll find us at the organizational security session at IFF, currently scheduled for Friday, March 4.


We want to hear from you about the challenges you face implementing organizational security support and your solutions; about your own organizational security systems and practices; and how you could benefit and contribute as an active member of this growing community.

* the Prague gathering included (alphabetical by firstname):

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