40 years of HURIDOCS: A journey through our human rights impact

Join us in exploring the vital role HURIDOCS plays in shaping the landscape of human rights today. Hear from our past and present directors, board chair and senior documentalist about our ongoing impact.


As HURIDOCS celebrates 40 years of commitment to human rights, we are thrilled to share a video which is not only a retrospective, but a testament to our ongoing role and impact in the world of human rights information.

In this video, we have had the privilege of sitting down with individuals who have been instrumental in shaping HURIDOCS throughout its history. This includes our co-founder, our senior documentalist, a dedicated board member, and past and present directors, all sharing their unique insights.

Join us on this reflective journey as we mark four decades of commitment. As we ponder our legacy, we remain dedicated to forging partnerships and harnessing the power of new technologies to advance justice and enable systemic change through the use of human rights information.

“Information has always been the key to human rights work and that is still the case. Being organised, sharp, learning from our history and not being afraid to go into the future fighting for truth, justice and human rights with all of the tools that are available to us. That is the civil society we want to see, that is the civil society we want to support!”

Danna Ingleton, HURIDOCS Executive Director

Watch the full video below:

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