HURIDOCS leadership changes hands during first three months of 2020

With Executive Director Friedhelm Weinberg on parental leave, Director of Programmes Kristin Antin is stepping up in the interim.


A new year brings new opportunities and adventures, and that’s particularly true for two members of the HURIDOCS team in 2020.

Beginning in January, Executive Director Friedhelm Weinberg will take three months of parental leave to care for and spend quality time with his child.

He will be the second person to benefit from this new policy at HURIDOCS, which is available to team members of all genders and entitles them to 14 weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child.

In the meantime, Director of Programmes Kristin Antin will step in to serve as interim executive director.

So, have you got an idea or issue that you would have normally taken to Friedhelm? Until the start of April, the HURIDOCS executive director position is in Kristin’s more-than-capable hands, and she will be the one to contact.

This isn’t the only movement within our team in the last six months. We hired six new staff members (two software developers, two project managers, a UX designer and a communications coordinator), and gave a warm farewell to software developer Clément Habinshuti.

We also welcomed the full-time collaboration of seven Fellows (software developers and product managers), and said “thank you” to senior documentalist Bert on his retirement after 32 years.

“I am very proud that at HURIDOCS we have introduced a 14-week parental leave irrespective of gender and that Friedhelm is able to dedicate some irreplaceable time to his newborn,” says Gisella Reina, HURIDOCS Board Chair. “I am very confident that Kristin will manage HURIDOCS in the interim, with dedication and competence.”

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