Database Topic: Human rights law, policy and jurisprudence

Western Asia
Iran Rights Index

The Iran Rights Index tracks the Islamic Republic of Iran’s compliance with human rights recommendations made by various United Nations mechanisms.

UN Forum on Minority Issues database

The UN Forum on Minority Issues database compiles documentation related to advocacy on national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities.

Election Judgments database

The Election Judgments database compiles national judicial decisions related to electoral processes and outcomes from around the world.

Eastern and South-Eastern Asia
Human Rights Observatory (Philippines)

The Human Rights Observatory compiles jurisprudence, laws, reports, treaties and more that affect five vulnerable groups of Filipino society.

Universal Human Rights Index

The Universal Human Rights Index is a repository of recommendations and observations issued by bodies of the United Nations human rights monitoring system.


RightDocs is a database developed by HURIDOCS that compiles Human Rights Council resolutions, decisions, presidential statements and reports.

Sub-Saharan Africa
African Human Rights Case Law Analyser

The African Human Rights Case Law Analyser is an online database that provides access to human rights decisions made by regional mechanisms.